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AA Slick Tyres understands that not all vehicle-owners wish to invest in high-priced new tyres from premium brands. It is a fact that new tyres are really expensive. Incurring that cost can be troublesome for someone who does not wish to invest much in their vehicles. For this purpose, our garage has come up with a midway solution. It is buying part worn tyres. Part worn or second-hand tyres are a good option for those people who are looking forward to buying temporary tyres or for minimal purposes. The existence of this section of tyres serves as evidence of the fact that our stock is designed according to the budget and requirement of your customers.

Safety is paramount!

It is to note that part worn tyres sold by many garages have proved to be dangerous for customers. For this reason, people have started to doubt the credibility of all part worn tyres. However, we wish to inform the customers that with the right safety measures and adequate testing, we can always ensure safety, even in the case of part worn tyres. The tyres being sold at AA Slick Tyres go through a series of thorough tests that measure the safety and performance commanded by each tyre. It is to note that any tyre that has a tyre tread depth of less than 5mm is immediately discarded.

In terms of performance and functionality, the part worn tyres do fairly well. Many vehicle enthusiasts discard their tyres much before they need to replace. These tyres are usually from trustworthy and reputable tyre brands. Also, most of the times, they are in good status. We make it a point to keep them in good storage facilities so that their condition does not deteriorate. Our team ensures you of safety and quality because compromises are not made at AA Slick Tyres when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Competitive prices

The next major factor due to which part worn tyres are bought is the price at which they are sold. While the part worn tyres in our stock are of high-quality and ensure safety, they are also quite low-priced. It is because we understand part worn tyres are bought by people who do not wish to make major investments in this component. For this reason, we regulate our prices with regard to what the customers find satisfactory and can offer. AA Slick Tyres is not a standard garage that you can try once; it is the garage that can be relied upon.

Our stock has many other types of tyres other than part worn tyres. We have summer tyres, winter tyres, and all-season tyres from premium brands like Continental, Falken, Goodyear, Yokohama, and Bridgestone. All these can be searched through the special tyre finder tool that features on our website. It will help you browse tDo you feel your vehicle is being dragged to one side of the road while you are maintaining the steering of your car straight? Don’t worry; it is not a major problem if it is not something that has sustained, after being ignored for long. Your vehicle needs wheel alignment, and that is it. If you are facing such problems with the steering of your car, don’t forget to bring it to us, here at AA Slick tyres. Our experts have been in the alignment business for long now and can help you with any lingering problem concerning wheel alignment Kidderminster.

Under normal conditions, the wheels of your car should be aligned perpendicular to the road and the vehicle, but with time they tend to tilt at an angle. The problem, hence, needs adjustments for optimum functioning of your car. The process of aligning your wheels is called wheel alignment. The wheels are fixed on the machine, and the data is calculated to find out the angle of the tilt, which is then corrected by an expert, accordingly.

The main problem that arises due to bad wheel alignment is not just in the handling of the car; it seeps further to the tread of your tyres as well. The tread, with a lousy wheel, will wear out unevenly causing further damage to the other tyres as well. With wrong wheel alignment, balding of the tread starts to occur, wherein the tread wears out in a patchy form.

Another reason to maintain proper wheel alignment is the saving on your car’s fuel. You will not have to make more frequent trips to the fuel station when your vehicle has adequately aligned wheels.through tyres with specifications of your
When you come to us here, at AA Slick Tyres, for the wheel alignments of your car, you get to choose from the following two options:

Front end wheel alignment

This type of arrangement is better for the vehicles that are driven with the front axle, and the rear wheels are constrained. You don’t have to pay extra for all the wheels and get your wheels aligned for the least possible cost.

Four wheels alignment

When the vehicle has free axles and suspensions for all of the wheels, you should go for the four-wheel alignment. Our expert will help you with your front as well as rear axles’ wheels and their alignment.

Don’t let your tyres bear the pressure of bad wheel alignment; bring your car to us, here at AA Slick Tyres, for cheap wheel alignment Kidderminster. Our technicians have years of experience while catering to the wrong alignments. For them, getting your wheels aligned can be a matter of a few minutes. Also, every customer at AA Slick Tyres is entitled to a free wheel alignment check. So, don’t waste your time and money; book an appointment today!

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Continental TyresAA Slick Tyres is a garage that understands the importance of every component of a vehicle and undermines none. We also make it a point to make our customers understand the same. A vehicle, being an energy conversion device, has several components that work in tandem with each other. Vehicle-owners need to note that each of these components is crucially important for the proper functioning of a vehicle. We, at AA Slick Tyres, are well-equipped to keep all these components in a healthy and functioning condition so that you do not face any inconsistencies while driving. To experience our service, all you need to do is drive-in.

Our team points out that the battery is one of the most important systems in a vehicle. It is responsible for providing the needed electricity for additional equipment such as air conditioner, lights, and GPS. Also, the spark plug inside the engine combustion chambers, which ignites the fuel, also functions on the basis of the electricity provided by the battery. Lastly, the battery is required to take care of all the additional energy that flows through the body of the vehicle. It is imperative that one keeps the battery in a healthy condition.

If the lights of your vehicle are getting dim or the windows are not working properly, then it indicates that there is a problem with your battery. We suggest that you immediately bring your vehicle to our workshop if you notice any such indicators. It is because if the battery dies out, there is a possibility that you will be stuck in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, bring your vehicle to our garage, and we will take care of the rest. Our team of expert technicians will have a look at your battery and plug the problem within no time.

Once we identify the issue, you will be provided with a list of options that can be employed to solve it. Which option we will pursue would be chosen by you. You do not need to worry; our team will provide you with the weighed pros and cons of each measure. We will also provide you with substantial advice regarding which decision would be rational to make. The rest is your choice.

We also provide other vehicle-related services like wheel alignment, wheel balancing, exhaust repair, brake pads and disc, suspension repair and replacement, and also sell several vehicle-related products like tyres.

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