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Comprehensive Car Service
Its vital to maintain your vehicle as it will ensure trouble free motoring for years to come. A full service takes care of everything from general wear and tear items to fluids, filters, lights, hinges, struts, running gear, brakes, the engine, the gearbox and much more. Of course services differ depending on your vehicle’s make and model and if its a full or interim service.

Nonetheless a car service often involves up to 50 or more components, inspections, checks and / or adjustments:

A full engine oil change including and oil filter replacement
Checking tyres & tyre wear, lights, exhaust, brakes and steering
Ensuring your engine is ‘tuned’ to run in its peak condition
Checking hydraulic fluid and coolant levels throughout
Checking the cooling system (from radiators in your car to pumps and hoses)
Suspension checks to ensure that bushes, springs and dampers are in good order.
Visually check obvious alignment issues to ensure optimum steering, control, braking & tyre wear (refered for 4 wheel alignment where necessary)
Testing the car’s electrical elements inclusive of alternator, battery condition etcWelcome to Absolute BM.

We are a BMW specialist based in the Heart of Worcester. Are you looking for an MOT near me? If so you are most certainly in the right place. We offer a full range of BMW specific repairs, diagnostics, services, Spares, Tyres & of course MOT’s.

If you are looking to book in, please give us a call on

01905 723 311
We can save you save 60% off a typical BMW Service against main dealer prices but still maintain the quality in workmanship and high quality OEM parts that you would expect for your BMW.

We can service vehicles with condition-based servicing and reset all service lights in response to the service we have carried out, Plus we carry out a free vehicle health check with every major service!
Routine BMW Service maintenance is very important to the health of your BMW and here at Absolute BM in Worcester we can keep your vehicles servicing needs up to date for you.

Using OEM and OEM quality parts and oils you can be sure that the quality of the parts used are of very high quality and all come with a fitted warranty.

From a basic oil and filter service to a major service don’t hesitate to contact us!Tyre Balancing
When tyres are out of symmetry an imbalancing is inevitable. Uneven tread wear is often the culprit due to the toe not being set correctly. This would usually be more noticable at higher speeds through a vibration often felt through the steering wheel. As you would imagine this should not be happening and equally may affect safe vehicle operation or even cause further damage to other elements such as the suspension and / or steering.

Balencing a Tyre – How & Why
Every time a tyre is changed it should be correctly balanced. We have a special tyre balancing equipment for this very task. The machine simulates a car / tyre rotation to measure the rolling performance of the tyre. Where imbalances are detected they are corrected by adding weights inside or outside of the rim of the wheel or alloy. The weights themselves distribute the spinning mass equally to balance undulations that are either clamped or glued.

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We provide a wide range of tyres, inclusiveall the top brands of car tyres such as Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli and Michelin to name but a few. We offer a conclusive, fitted price including balancing, new rubber valves inclusive of disposing of the old tyre.

We try to make it as easy as possible to purchase your car tyres with us by suggesting the best and most appriate tyres and equally highlight thoes that are in our experience the best price for what they offer.

We will be flexible to find a fitting time most suit you to you.

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