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Welcome to Alcester Sports & Tackle
Alcester Sports and Tackle B49 6ES Here on the edge of Alcester you will find a wide variety of fishing tackle and clothing to suit the serious match angler, enthusiastic amateur or anyone just becoming interested in fishing.

  • Air rifles, pellets and and so forth to go with air guns
  • For help and friendly advice look no further.
  • A wide range of fresh bait is always available.
  • Quality Value and Service
  • Our stock has been selected to offer the highest quality at competitive prices providing the best value for money.
  • A family business established in 1979 offering a personal friendly service.

Fishing Tackle
Alcester Sports and TackleWhether you are looking to take up fishing as a hobby or are looking for a new or replacement item you will find a wide range of equipment to suit the local waters in and around Warwickshire.

Our tackle caters for coarse, match and game anglers. If you are in need of friendly helpful advice look no further.

Fresh bait and ground bait is always available

  • Poles From £5 to £2,000. For poles to 16 metre poles look no further – for a full range. A FREE elastication service is offered on new poles bought from us. Please call in to discuss your needs.
  • Rods A large selection of fishing rods suitable for lakes, rivers and canals, and all types of fishing. In addition to the stock we carry you can also order from our catalogues.
  • Reels – choose from a wide selection ranging from a first reel to the most advanced available
  • Fishing Line – A range of fishing lines for all types of fishing.
    Hunting & Sports Equipment in Alcester
    Alcester Sports and TackleHere on the edge of Alcester you will find a wide variety of goods to suit many sports.

From clothing to foot wear. Protective gear to balls and equipment, to suit both the keen enthusiast or those looking to take up a new sport.

For help and friendly advice look no further.

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