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5, Homend Industrial Estate, Station Yard, Ledbury, Hereford HR8 1AR, UK
Location : herefordshire / LEDBURY
LANDLINE NO: : 01531 632886
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As a family business for over 25 years we offer a full range of services and high standards of vehicle repairs and maintenance. Using the latest technology and diagnostic fault finding software ensures that we carry out repairs quickly keeping labour costs to a minimum.
As an MOT centre with an extra-long bay, we offer class’s 1,2,3,4&7 MOT’S for motorcycles, cars, light commercials & motorhomes.
An extensive stock of tyres are available on site and we can order tyres in within 24hrs. Our Laser tracking wheel alignment system is highly acurate, ensuring even tyre wear and greater fuel economy.
We are proud to be an RAC Approved Dealer and an RMI Member. Vehicles for sale are rigorously inspected, serviced, and have a current MOT certificate prior to collection. All are sold with parts and labour warranty.M.O.T VOSA
We are an approved M.O.T station for both petrol and diesel engine vehicles and with our extra-long MOT bay, we can offer class 1&2 and 4&7 MOT’S for motorcyles, cars, light commercial vehicles, motorhomes and quad bikes.
Any car from the third anniversary of its registration date is required to obtain an M.O.T by law. This applies every year from then on. You may obtain a new M.O.T up to one month prior to the expiration date of the previous year.
Please contact us for further details or to arrange an appointment.
We carry and fit an extensive range of budget and brand name tyres to suit and keep your vehicle legal. Whether you require a puncture repair, wheel balancing or a complete refit, our skilled mechanics ensure an expert service. All new tyres are inflated with nitrogen, helping to maintain precise tyre pressure which increases fuel efficiency, prolonged tyre life and vehicle safety.
Our tyre changing machine is specially designed with plastic protection inside the jaws and on the mounting head to prevent damage to alloy rims.
We have installed the new Tecalemit, high precision, laser, tracking alignment system, which provides an itemized tracking report for customers requiring either 2 or 4 wheel alignments, ensuring uniform tyre wear, increased fuel economy and promoting optimum steering and handling capabilities.
Regular servicing helps to maintain your cars fuel economy, drivability and smooth running. In addition to this it reduces the risk of unforeseen and possible breakdown, time off the road and all the inconveniences that accompany it. It can also reduce the cost of repairs over the lifetime of the vehicle and promotes increased product life.
Vehicles are serviced to the manufacturers specification regardless of whether you drive a new car or one of twenty years old.
There are three different types of service available from oil service, intermediate, standard or full service.
We also carry out winter checks to ensure your car is ready for the colder conditions.DIAGNOSTICSautologic tool
Our Mechanics are highly trained vehicle diagnostic technicians continually expanding their knowledge to keep up with the latest models on the market. Camnic supports a comprehensive range of specialist, in house, dealer level, diagnostic equipment catering for all makes and models. Engine management faults and system repairs can quickly be identified and rectified. Performance tune upgrades and vehicle remapping is available for most makes and models, improving vehicle performance and fuel economy. We also provide a key programming service for most vehicles.
Using this equipment can quickly diagnose and often rectify faults with your vehicles on board computers and body control units, saving huge labour costs and returning your AIR CONDITIONING
Camnic has in house, air conditioning service equipment. Your air conditioning should be serviced every 18 months to 2 years to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency. If the system is allowed to run too low on refrigerant the compressor has to work twice as hard, therefore wearing out in half the time.The pipes and connections on your system are naturally slightly porous, so you loose up to 20% of the gas every year through natural leakage.
Run your air con regularly to ensure the rubber seals and gaskets on your system don’t dry out and crack causing leaks. A few minutes every week is sufficient.

Air Conditioning vehicle to the road as quickly as possible.

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