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cobra plant hire have been supplying the Lincmaster
range of security products and anti-theft devices new this year
Whilst a wide range of new products have been developed over
the years, the format for manufacture has remained the same.
Make it effective, make it simple, make it affordable.
Securing your asset is part of our business and there are many
ways of stopping and deterring theft. Some of our systems have
never, to our knowledge been defeated. All security is good
security, however some systems are better than others. Many
companies are reliant upon tracking systems, unaware they can be
easily defeated using jamming devices. Others buy systems
designed primarily for the domestic markets. If you are thinking
about security products and anti-theft devices speak to the
Our advice is unbiased and free.
If you need any information about our products, please do not
hesitate to contact us on –01684 892856

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