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Vauxhall Specialist
With over 24 years of experience, as well as servicing all other makes and models of cars, we specialise in Vauxhall servicing and repairs, offering great value services with a wealth of experience. Whether you need a full service or just to recharge the battery, at Mike Kettle we offer a personal, reliable service at an affordable price

Do you need an MOT?

We all know that MOTs are that annual mandatory task. Although they seem like a chore MOTs are essential in order to determine if your car is roadworthy – i.e. safe to drive.

If your car is over three years old, it’s time for an MOT test. Mike Kettle offers a thorough MOT service in Malvern that is reliable and trustworthy. With over 24 years of experience, Mike Kettle will take your car seamlessly through its MOT.

If your car passed its MOT you will be supplied with a pass certificate, however in the event that it fails we will provide you a list of problems to rectify and you can take advantage of our free re-test.

We are :
Competitively priced
Free re-test

Exhausts, Brakes and clutch
Three very important components to keep your car running, all of which are affected by daily wear and tear in our increasingly busy roads.

Mike Kettle in Malvern has been established for over 24 years, and is proud to offer an honest and impartial service that will keep you coming back for all your car needs.

We will thoroughly test your car clutch, brakes and exhaust and where possible we will repair, however where replacement parts are required we will source genuine parts that are produced to the highest standard.

Our service includes:
• Test repair and replacement service
• Replacement with genuine parts
• competitively priced
• experienced mechanic

If you need an MOT give us a call to book your car in. We aim to offer a same day service

Does my car need a diagnostic check?
Is your car displaying a warning light? A warning light should never be ignored as it is an indication of a fault and often that a service has been disabled. The management system records any faults that have been logged in your car and with our diagnostic equipment we can identify the cause of the warning light and quickly rectify the problem.

At Mike Kettle we carry out diagnostic analysis on various car systems including ABS and SRS and electronics, as well as a thorough range of performance-enhancing engine tuning methods.

During testing we detect any faults in your car, repair it and certify it to MOT standard – all at very competitive prices. Diagnostic checks are available for all car model and makes.

Our Garage Services:
• MOTs and repairs
• Air conditioning
• Batteries,
• Shock absorbers
• Tyres
• Servicing
• Exhausts, clutches and brakes
• Tuning and diagnostics
• Welding

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