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Welcome to Newent Plant Centre
At Newent Plant Centre we stock a range of beautiful, well-kept and healthy plants.

What sets us apart from many garden centres is the fact that we care – passionately – about the plants we stock. We know about them.

We are very happy to talk about them, in fact we can talk all day about them.

Our Plant Gardens
Each one of our external plant areas is laid out to inspire you with ideas for your own garden planting. Our customers always comment on how gorgeous and effective this looks and many say what a delight it is to see somewhere that sets the plants out in a different fashion. More importantly they also say it’s great to see what plants will look like together once planted in the garden.
These areas are changing constantly to reflect the plants we are selling and to give different ideas each time you visit.

So pay us a visit and take a little time out to relax in one of our chairs and breathe in our displays.
Our Plants
We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of beautiful bedding & seasonal interest plants many of which are grown by local growers.

Our Plants are the core part of our business. We love all our plants, some more so than others of course(Kate really loves her Nandinas), but we look after them all.

We grow most of our plants on site in the nursery – you can see them when you visit. They are all potted individually by hand. Our compost mix contains a Slow release fertilizer that feeds the plants for 12 months – so they are still being fed once you plant them in your garden. (The fertilizer is the small round yellow bits you can see, they are not Slugs Eggs – although thats an easy mistake to make)
Summer Bedding Plants
Our range of Summer Bedding plants will be available from mid April onwards.

We will have all the popular plants like Impatiens, Petunias, Geraniums, Marigolds etc as well as a few more unusual ones – Ageratum, Mesembryanthemums, Cosmos – pop in and see the range changes every week.

Not sure what you need though? Not sure how to plant up a Patio Pot or Hanging Basket?We are only too happy to offer help and advice.
The Helebores nod their heads in the Spring sunshine (we hope it’s sunny!) Pulmonaria bursts into flower, scented Erysimums and Primulas fill the air with their fragrance and the Bergenias with their stems of flowers, loved by bees,all herald the lengthening days of Spring.

As well as sourcing some of our stock from local wholesale nurseries, we also grow a vast selection of our own Herbaceous Perennials, over 35,000 in total this year, – this enables us to offer the freshest plants – often in larger sizes than most plant centres. Spring is a frantic time for us – as all the herbaceous plants start bursting into life again – there’s such as huge choice at this time of the year – our range includes all the traditional favourites like Lupins, Delphiniums, Poppies etc plus many more; Eupatoriums, Salvias, Euphorbias, Polemoniums – in fact far too many to mention here.

All gardens need a backbone of shrubs to give structure and depth on which to build, and which will also provide a real lift to a garden. We have a vast range of shrubs which change on a seasonal basis.

Evergreen shrubs enable the garden to still look interesting in the most winter-weary months – Ceanothus, Escallonia and Viburnum are excellent evergreen plants that also produce a mass of flowers in spring and summer and Elaeagnus Ebbingei and Daphne Odora Marinara for glorious perfume.
The scent of fresh herbs in the hot summer sun really does evoke the feeling of being on a Mediterranean holiday.

As we display our herbs in the hottest part of the Plant Centre, they smell divine.

We stock all the popular varieties like Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, etc

Our selection of Lavenders is extending all the time – we have the Old English Lavender that has long flower stems that are so loved by the bees, French Lavender with its stocky flowers with “butterfly wings” on the top and over 10 other fragrant varieties.

Trees & Fruit
Every garden should have a tree. Even if you just have a small garden there is always a tree to suit. They attract beneficial wildlife, create dappled shade and can shelter other plants from wind and sun. Betila (Silver Birch) Moonbeam has wonderful white bark, perfect for small gardens – ideal for native birds or Evergreen Arbutus- unedo (Strawberry tree) Gorgeous small tree with delightful red stems and cinnamon brown bark.

Fruit trees also (naturally) produce delightful fruits to harvest too! Apples, Pears and Plums are all easy to grow and with most of our fruit on semi-dwarf or very-dwarf rootstocks they are suited for the smaller garden.
“Grow your own” is one of the most popular topics in the gardening world at present. There is nothing better than the thrill of harvesting your own home grown vegetables and it really is very easy. You could try growing Microgreens on your windowsill. Easy to grow from seed all year round on a bright windowsill. Nutritious and delicious!

We stock a great range of popular easy to grow vegetable plants and seeds as well as a few new and rather unusual ones.
Pots & Containers
Our 2019 range of Pots and Containers offer an excellent choice, no matter what type of garden or setting.

We have a larger range of terracotta pots this season in various sizes, shapes and designs – ranging from the very small, ideal for one plant, to big, perfect for larger single plants or even mixed arrangements of several plants.

Marks favourite this year is the “Leadlite” Range – these look superb! They mimic the old style Lead Planters but are actually made of FibreClay – so are extremely lightweight – but once planted up you cant tell the difference

The new Slate Planters are proving to be very popular already – there are several sizes of square or rectangle troughs that look just like real slate – there are superb and lightweight too

If you have a passion for alpines, then our New Alpine Stone Troughs could be just the thing you are looking for – made to look like Old Stone at a fraction of the price

There’s also a new range of RHS Planters – bowls, troughs, planters, wall pots all endorsed by the RHS as being the Best available.

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