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Friendly, reliable and independent
Welcome to Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, your local, friendly, independent garage.

You’ll always get a warm welcome and calm, efficient car maintenance from our team of qualified mechanics – whether it is to carry out a service, MOT, repairs or LPG conversion.

We’re the only garage in Worcester to receive certification from the Automobile Association and were given the prestigious award after a thorough inspection assessing both customer experience and workshop practices.
Car Servicing in Worcester
Cars don’t run for ever. They need to be serviced regularly to stay in peak condition, be safe and have a reduced risk of breakdown. Your vehicle is also likely to perform better and save you money and stress in the long run.

Regularly servicing your car can make the difference between it running smoothly and fuel efficiently and the risk of it breaking down and incurring an expensive and unexpected repair.

It can be false economy to avoid regular car servicing, since expected wear and tear requiring minor maintenance can fast become a costly major repair or replacement.

Here are our top eight reasons why your car should be serviced regularly:

1. Servicing avoids expensive sudden repairs
The most important part of any service is an oil change. If this is neglected, oil will degrade. Keeping an eye on your car’s fluids, oil and internal mechanics decreases internal wear and increases dependability and overall vehicle performance.

2. Servicing saves money
A well-maintained engine is more fuel efficient. A vehicle running at a lesser efficiency will waste fuel and the money you used to pay for it. Scheduling your vehicle for tune-ups will ensure that your car is saving you as much money as possible.

3. Servicing avoids breakdowns
Having components that wear out regularly changed will help prevent an unexpected breakdown. Standing next to your car by the side of the road isn’t how you pictured finding out about a problem with your engine. Factor in the costs of towing, hiring a mechanic and finding a temporary vehicle can rack up a bill you’re not prepared for.

4. Servicing prevents accidents
The primary reason for regularly servicing your vehicle is to ensure you, your family and others are safe on the road. Although there are many causes of collisions, a cause for concern is vehicle neglect. Faulty steering and braking systems, improper fluid levels and worn windshield wipers can cause serious – sometimes fatal – accidents. Taking your car in for regular services ensures everything is working properly.

5. Servicing ensures your lights and tyres are working
When was the last time you checked your lights? And not many motorists check tyre pressure, let alone condition. Having good tyres at the right pressure ensures you have optimum stopping distance.

6. Servicing prevents major engine failure
A service will include checks of belts, the most important belt being the cam-shaft drive belt. Other belts also can cause major engine failure.

7. Servicing maintains your vehicle’s resale value
A regularly serviced car is worth more than a non-serviced car. The most valuable aspect of a car that a buyer looks for is its condition and performance which can be proven through your service record. A well-maintained vehicle will not only sell for a higher price but also be easier to sell.

8. Peace of mind
Regular services will ease your mind in knowing there are no lurking problems waiting to happen. Knowing your vehicle is running at peak capacity will free you from worries that could have adverse effects on your physical and mental health. You’ll be safe, less stressed and your wallet will thank you.

To book a service at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, call 01905 358217 or book online.MOTs in Worcester
Motorists must have their vehicle tested on the third anniversary of its registration if they bought it new. Alternatively, if the car is older than this, it needs to be taken on the anniversary of its last MOT.

Every car needs an MOT to be driven legally but that does not mean the car is 100% roadworthy.

Having an MOT isn’t the same as having your vehicle serviced and doesn’t check its general mechanical condition. The condition of the engine, clutch and gearbox aren’t covered.

It’s easy to forget that the old pass certificate stated that even though your vehicle had passed the MOT a mechanic may tell you further work is needed to ensure it is fit for the road.

Following the changes to MOT testing in May 2018, Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic will carry out small jobs to try and get the vehicle through the test but will rigidly follow the rule book.

For example, we know metal brake pipes cannot fail the test and will adhere to this rule. However, we will ask the customer to sign a disclaimer if, in our opinion, the vehicle is dangerous but has passed.

To book an MOT, call 01905 358217 or book online.
LPG Conversions in Worcester
LPG has been recognised as a low-emission vehicle fuel for decades and its great performance against fuels such as diesel is well-documented. Evidence of the vital role that LPG can play in improving urban air quality has been growing year on year.

Converting vehicles, especially taxis and vans used in inner cities, can be done quickly to deliver lower levels of tailpipe nitrous oxide emissions compared to petrol or diesel, helping to reduce pollution and contributing towards the UK’s carbon reduction targets.

The LPG industry is also exploring innovative solutions to reduce emissions from HGVs using an LPG-diesel blend that can deliver significant CO2 savings and overall greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

WMM are proud to offer LPG conversions and are trained in three LPG systems:

We also have the computer programs to work on:

AC Stag
To find out if your vehicle is eligible for an LPG conversion, call us on 01905 358217 or contact us online.
Vehicle Diagnostics in Worcester
All Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic technicians are trained to use our diagnostic equipment and regularly attend courses to improve their knowledge and keep up to date with increasingly complex technology.

Our approach has been always been to try and work out what has caused the problem and what is the best way to resolve the issues our customers are experiencing, rather than just blindly follow what the computer says.

Importantly, this means that we don’t just renew expensive parts because the vehicle ECU states “part X faulty”.

To find out more about computer diagnostics, contact us on 01905 358217 or online.
Wheel alignment in Worcester
Wheel alignment refers to the direction your wheels are pointing and has a huge effect on how a car feels to drive.

A correctly aligned vehicle will feel stable but a badly aligned car will want to pull all over the road.

There are three main aspects of wheel alignment: Camber, caster and toe. By attaching specialist equipment, it is possible to read the angles for these and adjustments can then be made to the car’s suspension and steering geometry.

The days of the trammel gauge, which ensured the front wheels were in line, are long gone and Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic now uses four wheel laser wheel alignment.

This allows our technicians to check so much more and the secondary angles include numerous other adjustments, including:

SAI (Steering Axis Inclination) – left and right
Included angle – left and right
Toe out on turns – left and right
Maximum Turns – left and right
Toe curve change – left and right
Track width difference
Wheelbase difference
Front ride height – left and right
Rear ride height – left and right
Frame angle
Setback – front and rear
The latest development in this area is camera wheel alignment. If your car has active headlights and you have been involved in a minor accident, you will need the car set up with camera wheel alignment technology.

To book a wheel alignment appointment, call 01905 358217 or visit our contact us page.

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